13 Saving Perks Costco Member Want To Keep Secret - Can Costco really save you money? Learn about these 13 lesser known perks, and you be the judge.

I love Costco! I mean where else can you get a giant bag of spinach (I use it for smoothies), inexpensive wine, food samples, and a sound bar for your TV all under one roof? Yep, Costco is that place and It’s one of my favorite places to shop.

Before I purchased a Costco membership my initial thoughts were that I didn’t really need to buy things in bulk due to having little to no storage in my apartment.

To my surprise there are many more benefits to being a Costco member than being able to buy 25 lbs of Cat food for my cat.

Unless noted, these benefits will require a Costco membership and you can get one of those right here on their website.

Get Free Money On Discount Gift Cards

What happens when you purchase a $20 gift card from your local market? You pay $20 at the register and go on your merry way.

Not at Costco! They sell gift cards for less than their face value. For example, I can get Five $20 gift cards to Peet’s Coffee & Tea for $79.99! Yes, that means I’m getting $20 in free money to spend there just for buying them from Costco.

Low Price Gas

This benefit alone is worth the yearly membership cost. As of this writing my local Arco station is at $3.09 in Long Beach CA and my Costco is coming in at $2.87! That’s huge, and take into account that you don’t have to pay the additional Arco debit surcharge and you’re coming out way ahead!

Low Cost Pharmacy Services

First off, you don’t even need to be a member to get the low prices! Like with any consumable product, it’s best to shop around, as prescription costs can vary from one pharmacy to the next, and even within the same zip code.

According to Consumer Reports a women in Raleigh N.C. found out it would cost her $220 for a months supply of generic Cymbalta, and that was with their discount program. The same prescription filled at Costco cost $43!

Cheap Ass Food

And we’re not talking nasty fast food. You can get a really tasty hot dog and a soft drink for around $1.50 and a whole combination pizza for around $10, I mean if you’re still hungry after eating all of the samples. Oh, and these food deals do not require a membership!

Costco Auto Program

Forget going into the dealership and haggling with the salesman. Get low, prearranged pricing with a no hassle buying experience using your Costco membership. With more than 3,000 participating dealerships nationwide, you should have no trouble purchasing the next vehicle of your dreams.

Travel Perks

You can fire your travel agent because Costco has you covered for your next vacation. Cruises, hotels, cars, travel packages and even theme parks, you’ll find killer deals all from the comfort of wherever you’re computing from.

Free Health Screenings

Yes, you can get free health screenings including osteoporosis, heart health, lung health and diabetes. For upcoming screenings check here.

Insurance Options

Did you know that you can get health insurance from Costco? Yes, it’s true, in addition you can get life, dental, vision and even auto insurance!

Mortgage Services

Yes, they can even assist you with getting a loan to purchase or refinance a home. They offer VA loans for qualified veterans, and you can even save on lender fees depending on your Costco membership level.


I’m sure you’re understanding the trend here…Costco buys in bulk so they pass those savings on to their members, so if you’re buying your tires from anywhere else you’re probably paying too much.

I mean you can probably find off brand tires at a lower cost, but Costco gets you name brand tires at up to $80 off per tire!

Free Tech Support

This one is huge! Electronics will inevitably go down and when they do, Costco is there to help with expert troubleshooting, TV setup/installation, and warranty information.

Did you also know that if you purchase your TV, projector, computer, or major appliances at Costco they will extend your manufacturer’s warranty to 2 years? It’s true.

Business Services

As a business owner time is valuable. That’s why Costco has a host of services to help you run your business, so you can concentrate on getting customers, and those services include the following:

  • Payment processing
  • Business phone services
  • Checks
  • Payroll services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • QuickBooks Online
  • and more…

$4.99 Roasted Chickens

Yes it’s a perk! You can do so much with a whole roasted chicken from making wraps to salads to tacos, and did I mention it’s only $4.99? I mean you can’t even buy a raw whole chicken and prepare it yourself for that much, and who wants to do that anyway.

Pro tip* If the roasted chickens are gone, make sure you hang around the area. Chickens come out every 15 minutes or so, and trust me, people get positioned for the score!

Once you become a member, you’ll want to maximize your savings with these 10 shopping tips we’ve uncovered to save you boatloads of cash!


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