10 Crazy Easy Shipping Hacks For Online Shoppers

I love shopping online, but I’ll admit that i’m impatient, and don’t like to wait very long for my packages to arrive.

If there is an issue that requires me to send a package back, well that’s just not cool! Learn to avoid these issues altogether with these easy shipping hacks, and make sure your packages arrive promptly, and safely.

1. Don’t Want Your Packages Stolen? Use Amazon Locker

I’ve experienced having packages stolen, and it pretty much sucks. One way to avoid this scenario altogether is to use Amazon Locker. It’s very simple, when you order something from Amazon you’ll find a locker near you, add it to your address book and when you checkout select it as your shipping address.

When the item is ready to be picked up from the locker you will receive a unique 6-digit code that you can enter at the kiosk to take delivery of your package. Standard shipping rates will still apply, but if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can still have your packages delivered to the locker, and get it within 2-days.

2. Have Packages Shipped To Your Job

I use this option all the time and it’s similar to the Amazon Locker idea above. You will know that your package is safe at work, and you can just grab it on your way home.

3. Have Expensive Big Ticket Items Shipped To a Facility

I have a friend who had an expensive HDTV delivered in time and left on his front porch, the only problem however was that it was raining and the porch wasn’t covered!

To avoid this scenario have big ticket items shipped directly to a facility and pick it up from there. Important – Make sure you pick it up within the carriers designated timeframe:

USPS = 5-days
UPS = 15-days
FedEx = 5-days

4. Buy From Online Stores That Offer Free Store Pickup

This is convenient and many times you can get your order the same day within a few hours. It’s recommended to bring the credit card you paid with and your ID when picking up your item. Some stores like Walmart are even offering discounts for eligible items you have shipped to a store location for pickup.

5. Buy From Stores That Offer Free Shipping With No Minimum Purchase

Did you know there are over 40+ stores that offer free shipping with no minimum purchase? Take a look at our full list to see if you favorite store made the cut.

6. Don’t Have Amazon Prime? Utilize Pre-order Items To Get Free Shipping

Without Prime you need to purchase $25 or more to get free standard shipping. To get around this minimum look for pre-order items and add them to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, then cancel the pre-order items.

Why this works is you aren’t charged for pre-order items until they ship, and this doesn’t usually happen for 30-days.

7. Sign Up For Mobile Alerts

Most of the major carriers (including Amazon) offer text alerts when your package is delivered. This way you can move your package inside or have a friend or family member pickup your package for you.

For UPS: Enter your tracking number at their tracking page and when the tracking details page comes up select ‘Notify Me with Updates’, enter your mobile number to opt in.

For USPS: Send a text to 28777 (2USPS) including your tracking number.

For FedEx: Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager

For Amazon: Login to your account and under Your Account click the link for ‘Shipment Updates via Text’ and follow the prompts to opt in.

8. Have Packages Delivered Inside Your House with Amazon Key

If you’re an Amazon Prime member (and you should be) for $199 you can have your packages delivered inside your home in select cities. You will get an Amazon cloud cam, an indoor security camera, and a smart lock for your front door.

When Amazon is about to deliver your package they will activate the cloud cam, unlock the front door with the smart lock and deliver your package. You have the option of watching the live delivery or checking out the clip later.

Pro Tip: When friends, relatives, dog walkers, cleaning crews need access to your home you can ditch the key and use your Amazon smart lock to let them in instead!

9. Coupon Code Hacks

Look for free shipping codes online and use them at checkout. Stack more than one coupon code at checkout whenever possible.

Remember to clear your browser history and cookies, or use an incognito browsing window when looking for coupon codes as retailers offer free shipping to new website visitors as opposed to returning visitors.

10. Store Specific Hacks

Beauty and fragrance items at Macy’s qualify for free standard shipping with no minimum purchase. Considering that standard shipping costs $10.95, it’s better to add an inexpensive beauty item that you may actually use.

The Target REDcard will give you free shipping on most items from Target.com, and you also get 5% off in-store and at Target.com to boot. And it’s not even a credit card!

If you shop at a Khol’s in-store kiosk you can get your purchase shipped to your home for Free. Even better you can stack your coupons, and use your Khol’s cash amounting to one sweet deal!

10 Crazy Easy Shipping Hacks For Online Shoppers - Learn these 10 shipping hacks before your next online shopping trip.

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